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Published on: July 11, 2017

First, please let me explain why I’ve been away a very long time.

There was a serious medical issue I had to take care of and I’ve addressed it. Life happens. I’ve missed you guys but now I’m back. And I’d like to thank the people that have already signed up for new registrations – I’ll take care of you.

As I’m writing this I’m looking out the window. It’s getting dark and we’re expecting a storm, I love thunder and lightning. I’m not in an area that gets too many storms but I think that’s why I just love them. I can just see the people in the mid-america’s “tornado alley” – What are you – nuts?  Yeah, maybe, but I just love thunderstorms. My beautiful wife said to me years ago – you really would chase those tornados wouldn’t you? Damn right! I hear thunder right now – and I’m going to use it to write. Whatever gets your motor running to write any kind of copy – use it! We all need whatever turns us on when you’re trying to be creative. One of the things that does it for me is a good thunder and lightning storm.

OK, back to it. You should be making enough money to take care of yourself and your family, and making enough money to put away for your retirement and take care of your family when you’re not here. Take a breath. You can start anytime – obviously the sooner the better and if anyone says you have to make the decision right now to join them or the opportunity will be gone – don’t fall for it.

I’d like to tell you what I’ve joined – or what I am still working on and where I earn my income now. Like Ive always done with an online biz you join here, I’ll help you any way I can. As for your blog comments, I still approve them all and if you remember, I always put up the good as well as the bad. That’s only fair and I’ll always do it – otherwise how can you make a good decision?

If you have a question with anything I mention here, there’s an address below where you can contact me before you join. And I’d love to hear from you. I’ll answer any questions personally before you join. I’ve always strived to give you guys the very best and honest reviews of the top opportunities out there. This time is no different and if you join from here on my blog — I know you’re genuine. If you don’t get with me, I’’ll still make my money, but it would be wonderful to have you with me where I can give you a hand when you need it.

A word of warning I always tell people – Don’t join too many businesses. You have to know about each one to help people and work on each one so don’t cut yourself too thin. Just join a maximum of 3 of the best to start, up to 5 when you’re seasoned (about 3 years) and you’ll be fine. How do know when you’re “seasoned”?  It is Easy – After you work an online business for 3 years, you’ll either love it enough to recommend it like I’m doing here, or you’ll get so pissed off with them you’ll start another one with someone else. Pick well – there’s only so many years you have and I don’t want you to get burned out. You’ll see.

I only work affiliate businesses because I can help my people and they DO pay the bills. Alright, on to it. It’s getting dark outside and I can hear the thunder rolling from far off and getting closer. I just love that – and I may be in the  copywriting zone right now! God, it’s good to be back.



I’ve been with SFI (Secure Future International) (( since November of 2005.

Our Team does very well, and I just love helping my Team succeed. Actually, all I do is to run my team is to see where you are when you join – this is included in your personal profile that I see as a Team Leader. I’m the kind of Team Leader that helps you according to your ability. If you need a lot of help I’ll gladly work with you on a daily basis. When you’re on your way, I always check to see how you’re doing each day but I’ll leave you alone to run your business – unless I see something you could be doing easier or better. Then I’ll simply suggest it to you. I don’t micromanage, and I figure you’re smart enough with all our training and our World Class Forum that you are learning each day. I’ve been with SFI a long time and I know what works. You can contact me any time if you have a question and I’ll answer you the same day. I encourage that.



I’ve been with a company called Leads Leap ([blog-post-link]/?r=prism2008) since 2008.

Crazy Name? Yes. Does it Work? Hell Yes. I’ve signed up 1000’s of people to my different online businesses since I joined. And you can make money just promoting the thing. If you can write a simple ad, you’ll do really well. If you can’t, just join as an upgraded member then contact me and I’ll give you a hand. The owner Kenneth Koh is a stand up guy that knows his stuff and takes care of people. I think what I like the best is that he’s honest and will help you. He answers his own support tickets – How dedicated is that?

Wow! – There goes the Thunder again. I just love this stuff.

OK — Here’s the email I promised you:



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