A Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

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Published on: April 19, 2014

I thought it would be fun and maybe even informative for you to get a peek into one of my affiliate marketing days. This is how I normally spend a day in one of my affiliate businesses. I chose SFI because it's my main business, it generates my main income and I have team members that I really enjoy being around and working with.  

Being in the affiliate marketing business is not that hard now with the internet at your disposable. It's much easier now compared to the days when people had to use a telephone and and fax to try and run their business and keep in touch with their team. I mean, if you can't do a good job running a business today with the technology we have, you just don't want a successful business.

So with technology at hand, and assuming that you are working from home, this is how my day usually goes.

After starting the coffee, I hit my I-Pad to check on a couple email accounts. These aren't my SFI accounts, those reside on my desktop and this is where I run my businesses. I have everything right where I want it and it's my productive place, and I'm sure every successful affiliate marketer has their's set up "just so".

I grab my coffee and head over to my desk. I'm a big guy, so I have a big desk, like 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 feet. My computer is also super sized, a 27" IMac, simply because after years of minimizing windows and moving them all over the screen, I can now fit 3 documents or windows side by side – productivity – you wouldn't believe how much more I get done. 

I check to see how many new team mates I have and send each a welcome letter. In SFI, the back office is an affiliate marketer's dream. I won't go into it here but you can keep track of how everyone is doing and where they are with their business. I send my congratulations to my people that have achieved a new rank and any tips I have for them.  As far as the affiliate marketer is concerned, there are always new things to update and statistics to keep track of. It's about now that I'll check my own earnings for the month to see if I'm hitting my own goals or if I need to revise them.

About now I'll get another cup of coffee and take a look out the window if it's light enough. I get up between 1 and 2:30 am (yes, I said AM) every morning. It's a habit from another business I owned years ago, needed to rise at those hours and I still do it. You've heard the saying about getting more done before sunrise than most people do all day? Well I actually do it! This is about the time I see what the weather is like. In the winter I feel pretty fortunate to be inside, warm and dry when I look out and see those unfortunate people driving to a job. It's also about the time I'll think about what I want to do this afternoon if it's a nice day. 

After my SFI stuff is taken care of, I usually check my blogs and websites to make sure if they're all up and then I'll take a half hour break, make more coffee and check the blogs and sites on the I-Pad to be sure they look alright on the mobile stuff. The site design has to be revised a bit and tweaked, maybe the blog too. The serious affiliate marketer knows that a well-designed site can increase sign ups from my visitors.

It's around 9am now and I'll check my email to answer any of my team members that need help or simply have a question about something.

That done, it is time to submit my affiliate offerings to directories that lists affiliate programs. These directories are means to attract people looking to start their own online business. It's a free way of promoting my affiliate program but remember, in advertising you always get what you pay for. I don't use safe lists for this reason. Everyone and their brother is sending emails to the safe lists subscribers. It's not spam, but no one is going to choose my ad from the thousands of other offerings no matter how great the headline is. 

After the directory advertising it time to track down the sales you are getting from your affiliates. In SFI, it's simply a matter of going to your business reports. SFI and Triple Clicks (SFI's sister site) is where you make most of your money. I always keep track of the contact information on their TC orders because they might be a viable source you can use if you want to partner with them on advertising or collaboration in the future. 

The most important thing to remember if you run an affiliate marketing business is this: People join the PERSON, not the PROGRAM! You can have the greatest business opportunity in the world but if you're an asshole, impatient or let your teammates email stagnate for a few days before answering and helping them is the surest way to kill your business. You MUST enjoy helping and working with people for your business to be successful – and I do.
A quick answer should appear professional, but friendly too.

In SFI, there is also a section that is called A2A (Affiliate to Affiliate). Other SFI affiliates can request to become your friend, which I think is great because in addition to your sponsor and upline, you can also ask one of your friends how they do a particular thing. There are things to be learned and it is a continuous process. Sharing tips and advices is a good way of showing support. There may be others out there wanting to join and may be enticed by the discussion that is going on. There's no harm in assuming what opportunities ahead.

It is that time to show some appreciation and recognizing those who have helped themselves in the promotions and advertising. There's nothing like mentioning them, their sites and sometimes the process they have done that made everything worked. In SFI, I do this on my Leadership Page:

The newsletters were updated days ago, so it is time for the affiliate marketer to see if there are some new things happening in the market. I'll take a while to read about the latest updates about my businesses and maybe some new advertising methods or a twist on the ones I'm already using. The short answer for what I'm doing here is simply – How well do you want to do? You can put a few hours into your affiliate business and do alright, but no great shakes. To do GREAT, with the big money to follow, you MUST continue to learn. The people that do the best in anything are always the ones that are always reading – making an investment in themselves –  and always learning. These people are the leaders. 

Time flies! Missed supper, but I'm quite contented with the tasks done today. This gives you an idea of how an affiliate marketer, a dedicated one that is, spends the marketing day

Bed time
Is that success looming in the distance or what?


Do you have the Golden Touch?

Copywriting. The fine art of being able to move people solely with your words. If you're good at copywriting, you can basically write your own ticket to your future. Good copywriters have the ability to get people to do what they want them to, when they want them to do it. This is a huge asset.

This is the best business skill you can learn. Great copywriters aren't born, but learn and evolve. The best can command  top rates easily and usually write for  corporations or ghostwrite for the best marketers out there. Those that hire them will invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to have them write a single sales pages or multiple pages because it's a very good investment and will generate thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue.

There are master copywriters out there who will charge you upwards of $10,000 for a single sales page and you know what? It's worth every penny. Two of my favorite copywriters are John Carlton and Perry Marshall. These guys are masters of their trade and their copywriting courses cost thousands to join. Again, worth every penny. 

I've been asked numerous times. What's the best skill I can learn for running my own business and make my bottom line better? This is always my answer.  If you're a good copywriter and can emotionally move people with your words and create trust, you're bound to be successful in whatever you choose. 









What does it take to earn a living from home?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I've been asked that question.
Before I give you the answer, let me give you some cold, hard facts.

Fully 95% of people that try to make a living from the internet fail. I'm not talking about  making an income, but a living. Why? Various reasons. What's the main one? They don't know how. Their heart is in the right place, they have the incentive and reasons – they just don't know what they're doing. It's no more complicated than that.

That's also why  these let's say, disreputable companies, can relieve so many people of their hard earned cash simply by promising to show them the bright burning path, but they always leave parts of the road map out. Just enough to keep you coming back. Believe me, I know. . 

There's a reason why I put my post  "A concept to get almost anything accomplished" up early on. Hopefully you read it and it started you thinking.

The answer to the first question is actually two. Terror and Confidence.

Terror-being so afraid you may fail that you won't. You don't have the weekly paycheck coming in to rely on. You have to count on yourself completely. So it's very good to know what you're doing.

Confidence-in yourself to continue making a living with your business as it evolves and so do you and love what you do.

I was given a little nugget of information early on that I'd like to share: Treat it like a business, not a hobby. Simple, succinct and to the point.

I'm offering you a chance to learn how to start and run your own internet business in this post. I'll also tell you this is the course I took years ago and I still use today to find answers because it's constantly updated. When I took it, it was called the Insider Secrets Course.

The course is now called the Step by Step Guide to Selling Online. A short summary for this is on the Business and Product reviews page.

   The reason I started this blog was to give people a way to make an informed decision . If you're a current reader, you know I don't sugar coat things and I come to the point quickly. You also know that I'll only share what I've personally used and can recommend as the best out there.  

Let me be blunt: I don't care if you invest in everything I suggest on this blog or nothing at all..  I'm just giving you the truth about what works and what doesn't and you can make your own decisions. I feel something as important as learning how to start your business and change your future is pretty important. If you don't know what the hell you're doing, how can you possibly be successful ?

I'd like to ask a favor though. If you do take the course, please send me a testimonial with your link when your business is up and running. I'd like to post it here on the blog



A concept to get almost anything accomplished


It's called learning.

The real reason why most people struggle or even fail when they start a business, any business, is they really aren't sure what they're doing. This is especially true of the on-line business. Because the Internet changes constantly, about every 8 or 9 months actually, and your advertising that worked in the past won't work now.

I'm a  home business owner. If I tried to use the same forms of marketing I did a few years ago (even a few months ago), I'd fall flat on my face. The Internet arena evolves and you must evolve with it. Think about it. A while back we started to put video and audio on websites. Now it's commonplace. Web 2.0 came about a while ago and now it's all the rage. We'll graduate to something else in the months ahead.

However while the methods have evolved, the principles have remained the same. In marketing, you still need  to GRAB  someone's attention  and be able to HOLD it through your entire message. So how long do you have to grab someone's attention?

About six seconds.  That's the amount of time a person will either stay with you or go skating away to another web page. This is where the fun comes in. This is also where the money comes in. If you can hold someone's attention for that initial six seconds and keep them reading, you can make good money at this online marketing game.

The principles are pretty simple. Know your "target market" (You won't sell a lot of ice to people living in the Arctic) and you must make the person reading your sales copy want to read it to the end and take the appropriate action.

This is the tricky part. You can swing the odds in your favor though by learning about your target market. Learn what they want and expect. Use the Google Adwords tool . It's invaluable.

Cater to them and learn the wonderful art of marketing. Read everything you can about how the ultra successful marketers do what they do. How? Subscribe to their newsletters and see how they write the wonderful emails and splash pages they do.This didn't happen by accident.  If you're successful at marketing a product, you'll convert sales of your own product or people will pay you good money if you can sell their product.

You can never learn too much and you can never put a price tag on an investment in yourself. Learn the art of marketing and believe in yourself and who knows, maybe you can sell ice to people living in the Arctic!

Tips for an online business

Seems Everyone today wants to start a business and work for themselves.

And why not?

The economy is still in the tank and there's a number of reasons why you'd like to start a business.

The key to success is to do something you love – whether you'd be paid for it or not.  

If you love what you do, you'll become a success.  
Please notice I said become.

Basically, here's the roadmap:

1. Determine what it is you love to do.

2. Apply this to the business you'd like to begin.

3. Find the quickest way from point A to B.

3. Rinse and repeat.

It's no more complicated than that. And this works for everything – especially an online business.  

Here's a tip  I'll share with you right now for an online business.

Use every piece of software at your disposal. Whatever you can use to help you get the job done quicker or more efficiently, why not use it?

Google some of the business, design, email software available now to help you run a business and it's amazing. And there's more arriving every day.

Here's another tip: Never stop learning. Everything new you learn will make you more valuable.

Here‚s a trick I use: When you learn something new, write it down (or copy & paste)
into a journal on your computer. Keyword the journal entry –  so it's searchable.  

You learned this once, you don't need to learn it again – but you will probably need to go back and reference it at a later time.

Think about it. If you learn one new thing every day, you'll know 30 new things by the end of each month, or 360 a year. 

Let's get started…



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How Did This All Start?
This blog is about starting and running an online business and depending on what you like (or love), you can start a business around it.I started this blog in 2010, after my Wife suggested I share with others. People do enjoy the blog and you know what? She was right- It does make you feel pretty good just to help people.

Before I go any further, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and if you take the time to look around, you'll find a business model that's "you". That's the way I suggest starting a new home business and believe it or not, that's also the "secret" of having a successful business - "Do something you love even if you won't get paid for it" and you'll be a success. It's not any more complicated than that!

What you'll find on this sidebar:

I've included banners here for a Home Business, Advertising, Learning and Auctions. Some people may not consider auctions for an online business before, but have you ever thought about selling the things you win for their actual retail price and putting the difference in your pocket? This alone can be a very attractive business model. You can join the auctions right on this sidebar! I've also included things like surveys and even places you can go for answers to your questions or network with other online home business owners to see how they've done things. I don't think you can ever have too many opinions!

What you'll find on the pages:

Downloads Page - These are for you to keep. I've put a few free PLR products here you can download immediately and enjoy. Check back now and then because I'm adding new ones

PLR Overview Page - A brief explanation of private label rights products, including a sample PLR license showing what you can and can't do with it from the product creator. If you have any problems with your download, just contact me and I'll get it to you.

Best Home Businesses- I've reviewed a ton of home businesses and listed the best. Before I even start the research, I do a BBB review and a search for affiliate and customer comments. I've put a few "quick links" at the bottom to give you a hand.

Advertising Page - After a few years, you know the best and cheapest ways to advertise. You don't have to spend a lot of money (or any sometimes) if you know how to do it. I've added some of the ways I advertise and if you do it correctly, you can advertise a few times, in the right places and it will just keep going and generating traffic without too much more input from you.

I hope you enjoy yourself, find useful information and even discover your new Internet Business here.




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