How to set up a blog

Before we start to install your WordPress blog, you’ll have to change the nameservers for your new domain to whichever ISP (Hosting Company)
you’re using. Sounds complicated – it’s not. I use Go Daddy to register my domains and Host Gator to host them, so  I’ll use these for our example.

Sign into both your domain company and hosting company. On Go Daddy, click on “my products” on the left panel and go to the domain manager. Click on your domain to bring it up, then on the top panel, click nameservers > set nameservers.  Click the last option "I have specific nameservers for my domains" radio button. Go to C-Panel hosting and scroll all the way down to the bottom left to find your nameservers, copy the first one and paste into the Go Daddy nameservers box. Do the same with the second one and click OK. You’ll see a message it will take from an hour to several. It usually takes about an hour for the changes to take effect. Your new domain is now being transferred and will point to your hosting company. Go get a cup of coffee or an adult beverage.


How to set up a blog:

I’ll be using Host Gator’s C-Panel because that’s what I use and it’s the easiest to install a Word Press blog. By the way, when you set up a blog DON’T choose a free platform like Blogger and the like. It could potentially wipe out years of your work if someone doesn’t like your posts and takes your blog down.

Buy a blog domain and host it on C-Panel or another USP so you own your blog. Always use WordPress for your blog because it’s professional and is the gold standard for blogging. Google and the other search engines love WordPress Blogs.

Sign in to your C-Panel back office, scroll down to Domains and click on “Addon domains”.  Type in your new domain name and hit enter. This will automatically fill in the subdomain and document root. You'll know the script likes it because you'll see green checkmarks. Choose a password and click on “Add Domain”. This will add your new domain to the system. Then scroll down to Fantastico DeLuxe and click on that puppy, and on the left panel, select “WordPress”. This will bring up a new install screen. Click “new installation” then select the domain you just added to the system (if it’s not already there) from the drop down menu, leave the next box blank so the new installation installs in the root directory.

Under that, in the admin access data, you’ll need to choose a user name and password to log into your WordPress administration area to work on your blog. Fill these in and WRITE THEM DOWN. In the last area just fill in the admin e-mail (your email address) so you’ll  get an email from C-Panel with all your installation information as well as any problems that may occur down the road. Lastly, type in your site name and click install WordPress.      

If everything goes well, your new blog will be installed on your server in a few seconds and you’ll get a message you’re hunkey- dorey.  If not, just  delete the incomplete installation and start over. Take your time and start again. You really won’t screw anything up if you just try to install the WordPress script and delete it until you get it right. If you have a problem installing just remove the installation and start over until it installs. Remember, you're learning valuable information as well as installing your WordPress script.

Next Up  —  Learning WordPress 

Tips for an online business

Seems Everyone today wants to start a business and work for themselves.

And why not?

The economy is still in the tank and there's a number of reasons why you'd like to start a business.

The key to success is to do something you love – whether you'd be paid for it or not.  

If you love what you do, you'll become a success.  
Please notice I said become.

Basically, here's the roadmap:

1. Determine what it is you love to do.

2. Apply this to the business you'd like to begin.

3. Find the quickest way from point A to B.

3. Rinse and repeat.

It's no more complicated than that. And this works for everything – especially an online business.  

Here's a tip  I'll share with you right now for an online business.

Use every piece of software at your disposal. Whatever you can use to help you get the job done quicker or more efficiently, why not use it?

Google some of the business, design, email software available now to help you run a business and it's amazing. And there's more arriving every day.

Here's another tip: Never stop learning. Everything new you learn will make you more valuable.

Here‚s a trick I use: When you learn something new, write it down (or copy & paste)
into a journal on your computer. Keyword the journal entry –  so it's searchable.  

You learned this once, you don't need to learn it again – but you will probably need to go back and reference it at a later time.

Think about it. If you learn one new thing every day, you'll know 30 new things by the end of each month, or 360 a year. 

Let's get started…



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My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!
So, How Did This All Start?
This blog is about starting and running an online business and depending on what you like (or love), you can start a business around it.I started this blog in 2010, after my Wife suggested I share with others. People do enjoy the blog and you know what? She was right- It does make you feel pretty good just to help people.

Before I go any further, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and if you take the time to look around, you'll find a business model that's "you". That's the way I suggest starting a new home business and believe it or not, that's also the "secret" of having a successful business - "Do something you love even if you won't get paid for it" and you'll be a success. It's not any more complicated than that!

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What you'll find on the pages:

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Best Home Businesses- I've reviewed a ton of home businesses and listed the best. Before I even start the research, I do a BBB review and a search for affiliate and customer comments. I've put a few "quick links" at the bottom to give you a hand.

Advertising Page - After a few years, you know the best and cheapest ways to advertise. You don't have to spend a lot of money (or any sometimes) if you know how to do it. I've added some of the ways I advertise and if you do it correctly, you can advertise a few times, in the right places and it will just keep going and generating traffic without too much more input from you.

I hope you enjoy yourself, find useful information and even discover your new Internet Business here.

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